HIKAM, HIKMAH, HAKIM (scientific speech I delivered in graduation ceremony of Al Hikam)


Honorable the director of Al Hikam, KH. Hasyim Muzadi; respectable all the teachers of Al Hikam, who sincerely have guided us; all happy audiences and my beloved best friends.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the World, the Master and the Creator of everything in the Universe, the Destroyer of all oppressors and the Hope of the oppressed, for enabling us to meet together in this simple but peaceful place. Peace and salutation be upon to the noble Prophet of Islam, Muhammad S.A.W. and his household, his companions and his faithful followers who strive in Allah’ s religion of Islam.

First of all, I want to express my gratitude from the bottom of my deepest hearth for giving me a valuable chance so that I can speak in front of you in this graduation ceremony.

Audiences and friends...
We are now accomplishing the study in Al Hikam Islamic Boarding. We are graduating. But, it doesn’t mean that we are free from the obligatory of learning as mentioned in a hadits, “Talabul ilmi faridhatun ala kulli muslimin wa muslimatin.” Our Prophet Muhammad also ordered to his followers, “Utlubul ilma walau bis sin.” this means, study is very significant in Islamism’s doctrine. Fur thus we must not stop studying. We still have something more to do to make ourselves better and better until we die. Wherever we stand is the place for us to study. Our study doesn’t stop here. This ceremony just reminds us that our next phase has come. Studying which we sat in a classroom had gone. And now, we will deal with the harder phase.

As senior santri, I would like to give some advices for my junior santri who will start studying in Al Hikam. You shouldn’t just follow and memorize the material from teacher in order to get best value for the test. But, you must understand and use your mind to think. In the book “TARBIYAH”, written by KH. Zarkasi the founder of Gontor Islamic Boarding, stated,” Success education is to enable student’s mind to think.”  So, the purposes of study are to use our mind to find the answer for all questions in our head. If you don’t understand or confused, don’t be afraid or shame to consult to your teacher. You must be aware who you are. Now, you are student of university, you are not robotic bookshelves, conditioned to blurt out facts which were taught in class. But remember, act politely in front of your teacher. Santri is who never hurt a teacher’s heart.

As human being, we are very special, so aren’t we all deserving of something better, of using our minds for innovation, rather than memorization, for creativity, rather than futile activity, for rumination rather than stagnation? We study here is not to get a degree, to then get a job. There is more, and more still.

Talking about education, I remember on one occasion that our father, KH. Hasyim Muzadi, said, “In this nation, there are lot of smart people...but not wish people. In a result, their intelligences make other people suffer due to the cultures of corruption.” Well, we know it’s true. From TV, Newspaper, we can see that corruptions are done by educated people who have high degree behind their names. So, there must be something wrong in our educational system. There is a paradox: the higher level of science the higher ability of people to destruct others. This is caused that education system have forgotten the concept of wisdom as mentioned in Qur’an. In the classic dictionary, wisdom defined as a complete knowledge. So there is must no separation between religion, philosophy, and science.

And now we must understand why AL HIKAM has three spirits: AMALIAH AGAMA, PRESTASI ILMIAH, and KESIAPAN HIDUP. The goal we are educated in Al Hikam is to empower the side of Islamic morality brought by Muhammad SAW. to make the religion, rational thinking, and science walk together in balance until we become real human that ready to face life in this world. Since, science without morality only results smart people while science with the morality will form wish people.

The world has noted that the wish people, whoever he is, have brought influences and memorized by people all over the world. Wish people, generally, prioritize other people than their selves. So, people feel comfort around him. In contrast, the smart people prioritize themselves and make other people suffer. This why, wish people are very important to make this world lives peacefully.

Wish people is someone who strongly handle morality or akhlaqul karimah. Akhlaqul karimah is the universal language and it is the basic need in the social life. The success key for Prophet Muhammad in his mission spreading Islam throughout Jazirah Arab, it based on akhlaqul karimah. So the real problems that we face in arranging the good life, actually, it is not due to lack of smart people. The main problem is that there is lack of wish people. Why these happen? The answer is, most education institutions have separated between religion and science as I mention before. Beside that, maintaining morality in present day is not easy. Globalization has come, which marked by missing the territorial limit of nation. It enables the nation culture interferences. So that, politics, economy, culture of nation can influence the other nations policies. No doubt that there are negative influences that come from outside that can destroy our culture. The result is happening around us. Our generations are flown in hedonism life style, which is not good for economic reason. The culture of corruptions, in my opinion, may be caused by that life style.

Not only the life style but also the idea that spread vastly. The idea of fundamentalism, liberalism, has come in our mind. If we do not think carefully, it is not impossible that we will consider an opinion as the truth. This why it is important to consult with our teacher of Al Hikam in order we do not take the wrong way.

This world is in danger if Islamic morality has ignored. Meanwhile, good moral is determinant for the prosperous of this country and the bad moral will destroy our beloved Indonesia.
My fellow brothers,
In this graduation ceremony, we should look at this as a positive experience, especially being a “real sentry” who will place morality in the deepest heart. It’s time to apply what we got from this Ma’had. The better future for this nation is on our hand.

If we read the history, this nation has developed by santri. For example, KH.  Wahid Hasyim, Kahar Mudzakar, and H. Agus Salim, are santri who take a part in formulating the ideology of Indonesia after independent day, known as Piagam Jakarta. Even in present day, santri still involves in that development. We can see clearly our father (KH. Hasyim Muzadi’s) role to make our country becomes better. Of course, the next is our turn. I say this, to emphasize and to make us aware that the direction of our beloved nation is on santri’s hands like us.

 “Every of you is a leader and will be asked to be responsible of it.” Said the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Some of you may think that you are nobody. You’re just a boy whatever will be in the future. In Arabian proverb, it is mentioned, “You are in present day is a boy in the future.” Of course, someday, you will be somebody who leads the society around you, at least for yourself.

Drs. Khoironi proposed, “Santri have position in any field in this world, whether being bureaucrat, technocrat, until being politician.”

Pesantren or Islamic Boarding hoped to born a leader which strong in holding morality. As the oldest educational system in this country, pesantren has shown that it is successful to do that. As I said before, that this country, was developed by santri. You must be proud of being santri.

Happy audiences and dear friend,
Before becoming the leader, its better if we look deeply at ourselves. Let’s ask our heart. How do we act to ourselves and to our social life? How tight we handle morality in our life? Since, a leader should be a role model. So, we must act and behave well base on Islamic morality.

Let’s pray like our honor Prophet Muhammad prays, “ Oh, My Lord, give me a wisdom (hikmah).”

Finally, for those of you that are now leaving this establishment, I say, do not forget what went on in our beloved Ma’had. Do not abandon those that come after you. We are the new future. We will break down the walls of corruption. Once educated properly, we will have the power to do anything, and best of all, we will only use that power for good, for we will be cultivated and wise.

We are now supposed to say farewell to this institution, to those who maintain it, and to those who stand with us and behind us, but we hope this farewell is more of a “see you later”.

Ihdinas siratal mustaqim,
Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Ringkasan dalam bahasa Indonesia

Pertama, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih yang mendalam karena telah diberi kesempatan berbicara dalam upacara wisuda kali ini.

Hari ini kita telah menyelesaikan masa belajar di pesantren AL HIKAM.  Bukan berarti ini adalah sebuah akhir masa belajar kita. Kita akan terus belajar. Tidak ada kata selesai dalam mencari ilmu. Karena menuntut ilmu itu terus berlanjut sejak dalam kandungan hingga kelak kita sampai ke liang lahat.

Saya juga ingin menyampaikan pesan untuk calon santri yang akan memulai belajar di Al HIKAM, belajar itu bukanlah sekedar menghafal materi yang disampaikan oleh ustadz. Seperti pesan KH. Zarkasyi dalam kitab TARBIYAH, “pendidikan yang berhasil adalah pendidikan yang menjadikan otak murid mampu berpikir. Oleh karena itu, jangan sekedar hadir di kelas, mendengar, lalu pulang. Gunakanlah otak kalian untuk berpikir. Jangan sia-siakan pikiran yang telah dikaruniakan Tuhan untuk kita.

Bicara tentang pendidikan, dalam satu kesempatan, saya pernah mendengar KH. Hasyim Muzadi mengatakan, “Di negeri ini banyak sekali orang pintar, tapi sedikit sekali orang benar. Jutaan mahasiswa lulus dari kampus setiap tahunnya. Akan tetapi kepintaran mereka hanya digunakan untuk minteri orang lain.” Jadi, bukan aneh jika fenomena korup di negeri ini dilakukan oleh orang-orang yang memiliki pendidikan tinggi. Maka lahir sebuah paradoks, semakin tinggi pendidikan seseorang maka semakin tinggi pula kemampuannya untuk menghancurkan dirinya sendiri dan orang lain.

Ini semua karena manusia sudah jauh dari hikmah seperti konsep yang disampaikan dalam Al-qur’an. Allah berfirman, “Dia berikan hikmah kepada mereka yang dia kehendaki. Siapa yang diberi hikmah, sungguh dia telah diberi kebaikan yang banyak.” Menurut kamus klasik, hikmah adalah ilmu pengetahuan yang lengkap, yakni meliputi: pengetahuan agama, filsafat, dan sain. Akan tetapi yang terjadi sekarang, telah terjadi pemisahan antara disiplin tersebut. Hasilnya, banyak orang pintar tapi tidak mengenal moralitas dan banyak orang beragama yang buta dengan sain modern.

Itulah kenapa akhirnya saya paham, AL HIKAM memiliki tiga semangat yang terus ditanamkan dalam jiwa santri, yaitu: AMALIAH AGAMA, PRESTASI ILMIAH, KESIAPAN HIDUP. Tiga semangat itu yang akan menjadikan santri hidup dalam keseimbangan. Artinya, pengetahun agama, berpikir rasional, dan sain dimaksudkan untuk dapat berjalan beriringan, tidak saling bertentangan. Mengutip kata Albert Einstein, “Ilmu pengetahuan tanpa agama adalah cacat, dan agama tanpa ilmu pengetahuan adalah buta.”

Keseimbangan antara agama dan ilmu pengetahun akan melahirkan orang bijak. Orang bijak itu bukan orang yang hanya mengandalkan otaknya tapi juga melibatkan hati nuraninya dalam setiap tindakan. Di samping otaknya pintar, ia terus menjunjung tinggi nilai-nilai akhlaqul karimah sehingga orang yang ada di dekatnya merasa nyaman bukan terancam. Orang yang bijak adalah orang-orang yang selalu mendahulukan kepentingan orang lain daripada dirinya sendiri. Di AL HIKAM inilah, kita belajar menjadi orang bijak (orang yang mendapat ilmu hikmah dari yang Maha Hakim) agar kita menjadi orang pintar yang berbudi luhur.

Menjadi manusia yang berakhlak, di zaman seperti sekarang ini bukan perkara mudah. Banyak godaan dan pengaruh-pengaruh yang terus-menerus mengancam kita. Jika akhlakul karimah itu telah kita abaikan, maka tidak mungkin tidak, kehancuran akan segera datang. Padahal, penentu ketahanan dan kemajuan sebuah peradaban suatu bangsa terletak pada akhlakul karimah yang dipegang oleh masyarakatnya.  
Dalam upacara wisuda kali ini, layak kita ambil sebuah nilai positif bahwa mulai hari ini kita telah menjadi santri yang sebenarnya, yang mempunyai tanggungjawab penuh terhadap nilai moral dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Ini adalah sebuah gerbang untuk memasuki fase belajar yang lebih sulit. Belajar mengamalkan ilmu yang telah kita dapatkan selama kita menjadi santri untuk tatanan hidup yang lebih baik, untuk diri kita sendiri dan untuk orang lain.

Santri mempunyai peran besar dalam membangun bangsa ini. Jika kita melihat sejarah, sejak dulu sampai sekarang, negara ini digerakkan oleh para santri. Misal, KH. Wahid Hasyim, Kahar Mudzakar, dan H Agus Salim adalah golongan santri yang sudah nyata perannya dalam membangun negeri ini. Maka mulai hari ini adalah giliran kita untuk menggantikan peran mereka. Pemuda hari ini adalah pemimpin esok hari.

Dalam sebuah hadits, Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda, “ setiap kalian adalah pemimpin dan akan dimintai pertanggungjawaban atas apa yang kalian pimpin. Peran santri dalam perjuangan memajukan negeri ini terbuka di segala bidang. Drs. Khoironi dalam sebuah seminar mengatakan, “ santri mempunyai kesempatan dalam segala bidang di dunia ini, apakah ia akan menjadi birokrat, teknokrat, atau politisi.”
Pesantren sebagai institusi pendidikan tertua di Indonesia telah terbukti dan selalu diharapkan melahirkan generasi emas yang siap memimpin negeri ini ke arah yang lebih baik. Kita sebagai lulusan pesantren harus bersiap menjadi pemimpin dimanapun kita berada.

Marilah kita berdo’a semoga kita termasuk orang-orang yang mendapat hikmah. Dalam sebuah hadits yang diriwayatkan Tirmidzi, “Hikmah itu adalah barang milik mukmin yang hilang. Dimana saja engkau menemukannya maka ambillah.” Semoga kita menjadi orang yang bermanfaat untuk semua orang yang ada di sekitar kita.

Akhirnya, kepada kalian yang akan meninggalakan pesantren AL HIKAM tercinta ini, saya sampaikan jangan melupakan orang-orang yang pernah bersama kalian.  Sebagai orang yang terdidik, mari kita gunakan ilmu yang kita dapatkan untuk kemaslahatan manusia. Mari kita hancurkan tembok korupsi yang menghancurkan diri kita sendiri dan banyak orang.

Sekarang waktunya kita harus mengucapkan ‘selamat tinggal’ untuk pesantren ini. Terima kasih untuk semuanya yang mengarahkan dan membantu kami selama tinggal di sini. Untuk sahabat-sahabatku seperjuangan, saya berharap perpisahan ini bukan menjadi pemisah hati kita.


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